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We are a medical publishing house specialised in innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and patients.


Medical illustration

We have the best medical design and illustration team, with more than 30 years working in the pharmaceutical sector.
With our extensive image bank and experience in image creation we are your best solution.

Medical writing

Our medical department is specialized in scientific communication; expert in writing and conceptualizing materials on all medical specialties and their associated diseases.

Accredited continuing education for healthcare professionals. Based on videos and interactive content, it allows users to train whenever and wherever they want. This flexibility and dynamism helps to optimize the study time of healthcare professionals.

E-learnings for your LMS platform to train your employees. We digitize and take your training content to another level. We combine microlearning and gamification to transform traditionally textual materials into accessible and participatory training.

Visual, didactic, exciting. 2D and 3D videos are excellent tools to explain complex processes such as mechanisms of action. Ideal for websites, conferences, e-mail campaigns or social networks.

The complete reference manual for daily clinical practice. Our platform is designed to showcase medical manuals and books in an interactive and multiplatform environment, with access to resources of particular use to healthcare professionals.

Our podcast platform periodically offers subscribers interviews with medical experts, debates and conversations between health specialists, commentaries on scientific articles or clinical cases between professionals, etc.

We create visual and interactive content in web or interactive PDF format that better captures the user's attention, motivating their engagement and participation.

The beauty of human anatomy in 360°. The 3D models represent in a visual, realistic and interactive way the human anatomy and physiology and how they are affected in some diseases.

Personalization in its purest form! It allows the medical professional to choose from a selection of medical images to create a poster, flipchart or booklet personalized and signed with his or her name.

The classic that never fails. Printed materials are versatile, designed for the healthcare professional's consultation, to facilitate doctor-patient communication.

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Osteoporosis in 3D


Dentistry Atlas

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