Complex concepts, simple videos

2D animated explainer video regarding the mechanism of action of a neuroanalgesic molecule.
  • Country: Spain
  • Client: Viñas Laboratories

We at ec-europe, are scientific and creative people, and no matter how complex a medical concept may be, we know how to express it in an aesthetic and entertaining, as well as precise way. We firmly believe that science and beauty go hand in hand, and with our 2D animated explainer videos, we manage to transmit highly specialised information in a simple way.

This project’s challenge was to explain the physiological process that makes us feel pain in our body, and how a molecule with neuroanalgesic properties, called capsaicin, acts to block this pain. To do this, we created a video based on medical illustrations that allowed us to explain, step by step, the mechanism of action of capsaicin. These types of videos are very useful for doctors when they want to explain to their patients something that can be very complex for them, such as the mechanism of action of a drug.

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